De Anza College 2018 Winter Quarter 行事曆

De Anza College 2018 Winter Quarter 行事曆

De Anza College 2018 Winter Quarter Academic Calendar
Last modified on: Feb 25, 2018 @ 5:44 PM

Editor: William

01/08 2018 Winter 開學
01/15 Martin Luther King’s Birthday 放假一天
01/20 最後一天加課 拿到add-code的 別忘記了!!
01/21 最後一天drop with full refund
01/21 最後一天drop without W(no record)
02/02 最後一天change to P/NP(開學後要去Administration and Record改)(最好留下紀錄)
02/16~19 Presidents’ Day Weekend (周五周一放假兩天)
03/02 最後一天drop with W
03/26~30 Final Week (final schedule跟一般上課時間不同!!)
03/30 2018 Winter quarter 結束

02/15 出2018 Spring Class Schedule
02/20 公布2018 Spring 選課日期和時間(前後幾天/周)
02/20-28 Winter class 選課時間確認 (myprotal-registration-get registor date以及view holds)
02/26-27 Veterans, Foster Youth, DSPS, EOPS and CalWorks 選課(跟國際生F1 visa無關)
02/28 學校運動員選課(完成Priority Registration,沒有連續兩個quarter probation)
03/01-02 有上Fall quarter 的Full-time學生選課(完成Priority Registration,沒有連續兩個quarter probation)
03/02 新生選課(完成Priority Registration)
03/03 新生選課(沒有完成PT,orientation,education plan)
03/04 轉學生及復學生選課
03/05-12 剩下的學生選課(包括沒有完成OT,transfer plan)(高中生除外)
03/12 高中生選課
04/09 2018 Spring 開始
TBA Drop class for nonpayment(balences have to under 100, local only)
Spring開學日: 04/09/18

01/15 Martin Luther King’s Birthday 放假一天
02/16~19 Presidents’ Day Weekend (周五周一放假兩天 campous close)

選課日期時間請看Myprotal-register-get register date
詳細Calender 查詢:

Priority Registration是指orientation,assessment(placement test),educational goal of transfer,education plan, and declear major
(注意:My protal Priority Registration的選有勾一定都要打勾,不然會延後選課時間)

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